Kyoto RIMS Workshop on
Algebraic Triangulated Categories and Related Topics
July 22 - 24, 2009

The workshop has succesfully finished. We thank speakers and 73 participants. Materials of lectures are available.


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Time table

22 (Wed) 23 (Thu) 24 (Fri)
9:15-10:00 B.Keller B.Keller B.Keller
10:15-11:00 S.B.Iyengar S.B.Iyengar S.B.Iyengar
11:15-12:00 T.Torii T.Torii T.Torii
13:30-14:20 N.Kunugi Y.Yoshino T.Araya
14:40-15:30 H.Miyachi J.Miyachi A.Takahashi
15:50-16:40 H.Asashiba M.Porta A.Ishii


>> Poster (pdf)   


Tokuji Araya
Hideto Asashiba
(Shizuoka University)
Akira Ishii
(Hiroshima University)
Srikanth Iyengar
(University of Nebraska Lincoln)
Bernhard Keller
(University of Paris 7)
Naoko Kunugi
(Tokyo University of Science)
Hyohe Miyachi
(Nagoya University)
Jun-ichi Miyachi
(Tokyo Gakugei University)
Marco Porta
(Ben Gurion University)
Atsushi Takahashi
(Osaka University)
Takeshi Torii
(Okayama University)
Yuji Yoshino
(Okayama University)

No registration is required to attend the workshop.

A buffet-style banquet is held on July 23 (Thu).
Please register for banquet before July 17.

Access RIMS
Since the venue is in the same campus as RIMS building, the following information is still useful: access information of RIMS. Please just remember to get off the bus at "Kyodai-Nogakubu-mae" instead of "Kitashirakawa". See also the map of the north campus.

Post-workshop Seminar
A seminar on related topics will be held in Nagoya University, 26th-27th July.
Visit the seminar webpage for the details.

Organizing Committee

Osamu Iyama
(Nagoya University)
Kiriko Kato
(Osaka Prefecture University)
Ryo Takahashi
(Shinshu University)


Kiriko Kato
E-mail: kiriko AT
Graduate School of Science, Osaka Prefecture University, Sakai 599-8531, Japan